How Many Nights Til Christmas Anyway?

I dream about fighting with my dad because I don’t want to go to school. What’s the point, I yell, they’re never gonna let me graduate! It’s December 24th, the universe keep sending me signs that I should look up a certain nonprofit. I finally do and read the story about a young man who dreamed of opening a bakery, invested money with the wrong crowd and was arrested. I manage to save his last creation, a cream snowman standing on a red table entirely made of chocolate. The cake has crumbled and the pieces are covered in cat hair, but I think it’s still salvageable and bring it home for Christmas.


It’s So Hard To Find A Nice Girlfriend

I dream that I’m at school and today assignment is watching a Harry Potter movie. During break I meet a girl in the bathroom who’s a bit flirty. She says she likes to shed her own skin, I think nothing of it. We exchange phone numbers. Later that day I see her peeling out her own skin layer by layer and it’s terrifying. I block her number.

It Was An Incredible Feeling

I dream that my dad’s gone to see his parents and relatives up in Paradise. I ask him how it’s going. He says it’s fine, they’re all on a bike ride. Somehow I can see him speaking on the phone, he’s riding his bike inside a forest with golden leaves. For one moment I bask in the absolute certainty that there is an afterlife and everything is gonna be fine.

Town Meetings

I dream that I’m walking downtown holding hands with a girl, she’s tall and her hair is dark. I’m trying to flirt. She says if we ever dated she’d be worried about my mental health. Still she peppers my face and shoulders with little kisses, end eventually gives me a long kiss on the lips.

Then I dream it’s town festival night, I notice in the crowd a group of men wearing Nazi uniforms. Assholes! I yell in their general direction and keep walking confidently, thinking they won’t be able to locate me in the crowd. They find me though, they start following me and taunting me. One squeezes my arm and says I have no muscle. One throws me to the ground. The police arrives and they all run away because they’re cowards.